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Ethical Issues in Pediatric Hematology\/Oncology<\/h3>\r\n\t

Part I Introduction to Ethics in Pediatrics
\r\n1 Ethics: A Historical Perspective\u00a0
\r\nTessy A. Thomas and Perry Ann Reed
\r\n2 Ethical Principles in the Practice of Medicine\u00a0
\r\nRyan R. Nash and Mark J. Wells<\/p>\r\n

Part II The Ethics of Everyday Clinical Encounters
\r\n3 Communicating Prognosis at Diagnosis
\r\nand Relapse or Progression\u00a0
\r\nBrittani K. Seynnaeve, Scott H. Maurer, and Robert M. Arnold
\r\n4 Managing Conflict When There\u2019s Disagreement
\r\nin Care Between Medical Providers, Caregivers, and Patient\u00a0
\r\nErnest Frug\u00e9, Michael Sprehe, Laura Loftis,
\r\nMelody Brown-Hellsten,
\r\nand Courtenay Bruce
\r\n5 Unique Considerations for Adolescents and Young Adults\u00a0
\r\nDeena Levine and Liza-Marie Johnson<\/p>\r\n

Part III Ethical Issues Surrounding Children in Research
\r\n6 Ethics in Genetic and Genomic Research\u00a0
\r\nAmy L. McGuire, Stacey Pereira, Amanda M. Gutierrez,
\r\nand Mary A. Majumder
\r\n7 When Cure Is Not the Goal: Ethical Issues Surrounding
\r\nEarly-Phase Research\u00a0
\r\nBryan Sisk and Eric\u00a0<\/p>\r\n

Part IV Supportive Care
\r\n8 Advance Care Planning\u00a0
\r\nAllison Caldwell, Melody J. Cunningham, and Justin N. Baker
\r\n9 Symptom Assessment and Management Across the
\r\nCancer Trajectory Melody Brown-Hellsten
\r\n10 Intercultural Competence and Communication
\r\nover Language Barriers\u00a0
\r\nPernilla Pergert and Elisabet Tiselius
\r\nCorrection to: Advance Care Planning\u00a0

This book identifies the various ethical challenges that arise in pediatric hematology\/oncology and provides the necessary tools to overcome these challenges. Aiming to expand upon and strengthen providers\u2019 knowledge and experience in pediatric health care ethical issues, the text positions providers to be beneficial resources to faculty, staff, patients, and families within their institution. It presents a multidisciplinary approach to sound ethical practices that is necessary to effectively care for these patients and their families. The book reviews the principles of ethical decision-making, the unique difficulties in using children as research subjects, common ethical conundrums involved in providing end-of-life care, and general moralities of professional practice.
\r\nWritten by experts in their fields, Ethical Issues in Pediatric Hematology\/Oncology is an innovative and valuable resource for clinicians, practitioners, and trainees who work in the field of pediatric hematology\/oncology.<\/p>\r\n\t

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