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Pediatric Oncology Nursing: Defining Care Through Science<\/h3>\r\n\t

1 A Central Organizing Framework for Pediatric
\r\nOncology Nursing Science and Its Impact on Care\u00a0
\r\nPamela S. Hinds and Lauri Linder
\r\n2 Family-Centered Care in Pediatric Oncology\u00a0
\r\nKim Mooney-Doyle, Maiara Rodrigues dos Santos,
\r\nand Roberta L. Woodgate
\r\n3 Self-Management in Children, Adolescents,
\r\nand Young Adults with Cancer: State of the Science\u00a0
\r\nJeanne Erickson, Talitha Crowley, and Kathleen Sawin
\r\n4 Resilience in Pediatric Oncology
\r\nKristin Stegenga, Qian Liu, and Joan Haase
\r\n5 Symptom Science in Pediatric Oncology\u00a0
\r\nSuzanne Ameringer, Catherine Fiona Macpherson,
\r\nand Lindsay Jibb
\r\n6 Improving Care Through Patient and Family Education
\r\nin Pediatric Oncology\u00a0
\r\nMaureen Haugen, Sue Zupanec, and Wendy Landier
\r\n7 Patient-Reported Outcomes in Pediatric Oncology:
\r\nThe Voice of the Child\u00a0
\r\nDeborah Tomlinson, Changrong Yuan, Lei Cheng,
\r\nand Pamela S. Hinds
\r\n8 Technology to Support the Care of Children
\r\nand Adolescents with Cancer\u00a0
\r\nChristina Baggott, Lindsay Jibb, Roses Parker,
\r\nJennifer Stinson, and Lauri Linder
\r\n9 Exercise and Physical Activity\u00a0
\r\nKathy Ruble, Ho Cheung William Li, Clifton P. Thornton,
\r\nand Mary C. Hooke
\r\n10 Treatment Decision Making\u00a0
\r\nKimberly A. Pyke-Grimm, Ginny L. Schulz, Helen Pearson,
\r\nand Katherine Patterson Kelly<\/p>\r\n

11 Palliative Care in Pediatric Oncology\u00a0
\r\nAmy R. Newman, Stacey Crane, Jessica L. Spruit,
\r\nSamia Alharrasi, and Cindy J. Bell
\r\n12 End-of-Life Communication\u00a0
\r\nKathleen Montgomery, Verna Hendricks-Ferguson,
\r\nand Melody Hellsten
\r\n13 Genetics and Genomics: Precision Health in Pediatric
\r\nBelinda N. Mandrell, Stacy Hines-Dowell,
\r\nand Masakazu Nishigaki
\r\n14 Cancer Survivorship in the Era of Precision Health
\r\nLisa Bashore, Kathy Ruccione, Ann H. Johnson, Joanne
\r\nQuillen, Karen Johnston, and Wendy Hobbie
\r\n15 Pediatric Oncology Nursing Research in Lowand
\r\nJulia M. Challinor, Sara W. Day, Glenn M. Afungchwi,
\r\nand Mohammad R. Alqudimat
\r\n16 Conclusion and Future Perspective\u00a0
\r\nLauri Linder and Pamela S. Hinds<\/p>\r\n

This book presents the current state of the nursing science in topics relevant to the care of pediatric oncology patients and their families across the treatment trajectory and is framed within a precision health framework. The spectrum of topics covered is wide, including, for example, symptom management, self-care management, exercise and physical activity, family-centered care, palliative care, the role of the nurse in treatment decision making, patient and nurse resiliency, survivorship, and genetic counseling. Throughout, there is a focus on the implications of research for nursing practice, highlighting which elements of the available evidence are ready for translation into practice and which are not. In addition, careful attention is paid to the role that nursing can play in further advancing science through clinical research. The authors are leading experts from across the globe. The book will be of special interest for pediatric oncology nurses, including direct care nurses, research nurses, and nursing leaders, and will also be a stimulating source for researchers and non-oncology nurses.\u00a0<\/p>\r\n\t

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