Mission and services

Since 2008, the Leucan Information Centre has been advancing understanding of pediatric cancer and its consequences.

Is your family facing pediatric cancer? Looking for the best sources of information available on the topic? We are here for you.

Leucan information centre

We offer a wide and unique selection of resources to help you better understand cancer in children.

  • For all ages and needs
  • For everything you need to know in just a few clicks
  • For inspiring stories
  • For detailed information on the diagnosis
  • For the right words to talk about it
  • For coping with the many challenges that arise
  • For information you can trust

Ask us your questions!

The Leucan Information Centre offers the most reliable information resources (books, DVDs, Websites) currently available. It also collaborates in the production of new tools and events.

Frequently asked questions

Who can use the Leucan Information Centre?

Quebec patients, parents and families affected by childhood cancer, as well as members of health care teams, students and the general public in Quebec.

How can the Leucan Information Centre help me?

The Leucan Information Centre puts the following at your disposal:

  • A collection of books, pamphlets and multimedia documents
  • A Website featuring the best sources of information available
  • A research service for your needs
Who can borrow books from the Leucan Information Centre?

Members of Leucan and health professionals in Quebec.

Do I need to go to the Leucan Information Centre to borrow material?

No, the documents can be sent anywhere in Quebec. To return the borrowed material, simply use the postage-paid envelope provided.

Who can use the research service offered by the Leucan Information Centre?

Members of Leucan and health professionals in Quebec