Our achievements

Since its launch in 2008, the Leucan Information Centre has responded to more than a thousand information requests.

The Centre is the gateway to existing information resources. It has also produced new tools

The resources available include among others:


Every Quebec family with a child diagnosed with cancer is given a medical information kit by the pivot nurse. A post-treatment information kit is also available.

All kits are developed by the Leucan Information Centre


SECOND EDITION OF THE BOOK, PORTEURS DESPOIR (Messengers of Hope): 25 profiles

Twenty-five young adults who recovered, tell the story of how they overcame the cancer challenge as children. The book was updated in 2013, with a new and improved look.



Every year, a scientific day on pediatric cancer is planned.

A few highlights:


Official inauguration of the Leucan Information Centre facility in the phase 2 building of the Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau at CHU Sainte-Justine.

Launch of the Website.

Implementation of a book and DVD delivery service by pre-paid postage throughout Quebec.

Launch of a bookmark and promotional brochure


First booths of the Centre at the outpatient clinic of the Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau


First Gaspard Chimio finger puppets made by Loïc’s grandmother, Mrs. Lafortune.

Production and distribution of a promotional bookmark for the AboutKidsHealth.ca Website.St_bookmarkbackoutlinesSt_bookmarkfront


Participation in the editing of the French translation of the Children’s Oncology


Group Family Handbook. An investigation into the needs of families



Distribution of the first post-treatment information kits to families after treatment completion and production of leaflets for survivors in partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society

Second edition of Porteurs despoir, a book about messengers of hope 25 profiles. Launch of librarian visits to the Montreal Children’s Hospital

First edition of the Rendez-vous d’hémato-oncologie pédiatrique (a scientific conference on childhood cancer) under the theme, “Genetics and pediatric cancer.” French translation of a pamphlet on finding an insurance company (life and health) after childhood cancer


Second edition of the Rendez-vous d’hémato-oncologie pédiatrique under the theme “Surviving pediatric cancer: what’s next?” with a round table for the general public and online video recordings


Launch of a new brochure promoting the Leucan Information Centre

The Leucan Information Centre secures reproduction rights for the children’s pamphlets Gaspard Chimio, Radio-Robby and Youmi et le dragon-cancer


Fourth edition of the Rendez-vous d’hémato-oncologie pédiatrique under the theme, “Childhood cancer relapses: challenges and therapies”