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Unmet support needs in teenage and young adult childhood brain tumour survivors and their caregivers: “it’s all the aftermath, and then you’re forgotten about”

Teenage and young adult (TYA) survivors of childhood brain tumours and their family caregivers can experience many late effects of treatment that can hamper the transition to living independent lives. Yet, their long-term supportive care needs are largely unknown. We investigated the supportive care needs of TYA survivors and their caregivers and explored the role and perceived use of support.

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Study finds paediatric cancer patients at no greater risk of severe COVID-19 infection

Results from the first national study of children with cancer who test positive from COVID-19 has found that these patients do not appear to be at any increased risk of severe COVID-19 infection compared to healthy children.
The team, led by the University of Birmingham, and including University of Manchester, the study analysed the severity of COVID-19 infection in children with cancer. Published in the British Journal of Cancer, results found that the majority of patients either had mild infections or were asymptomatic. No patients died from COVID-19 and only 5% required intensive care support.

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Pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma guidelines to help clinicians weigh treatment safety, efficacy

Although Hodgkin lymphoma is a highly curable form of pediatric cancer, treatment often results in life-threatening or debilitating long-term adverse effects.

Given the number of available treatments, which can confer survival rates of 90% or higher, it is essential that clinicians consider the potential benefits and risks of various options for each patient. To assist in that effort, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network has published new clinical practice guidelines for pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma.

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Elevating the Needs of Childhood Cancer Survivors

On this webinar focused on childhood cancer survivorship, we were joined by experts sharing new developments and best practices, and we shared some of what our organization is doing to help aid in the forward-momentum of this field.

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